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A human hand reaching out towards another.

Servant Leadership is Good for Productivity

The concept of servant leadership is that bosses who help their employees succeed have better employees and see better profits and production. Studies have shown that bosses who create an ...

A conference room full of holograms.

Holographic Video Conferences Are Coming Soon

German scientists are working on new technology that they believe will revolutionize video conferencing and the film industry. They’re developing a system of stereo cameras with two lenses each to ...

A sign that reads, "Corporate social responsibility."

Employees Know When Companies Fake Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is the idea that companies should be giving back to the community and the world at large. It can take on many forms, including everything from setting ...

A photo of different kinds of money from around the world.

The Trump Presidency is Already Hurting the Global Economy

Before Trump had even won the presidency, markets around the world fell. The tumble isn’t a complete crisis, but it is a bad sign for the coming 4+ years. It ...

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