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The dictionary definition of "politically correct."

‘Political Correctness’ is a Good Thing, the More the Merrier

Conservative pundits love to complain about “PC culture.” But you know what? A politically correct society is a sign of a mature, well-mannered, respectful society that is working towards equality. ...

A young girl taking a topless photo.

The Right to Bare Arms (and Then Some): Why Nude Photos Only Benefit Some Feminists

  Is public female nudity empowering? If you’re beautiful, famous, and white, that’s arguably the case. But, as with just about everything concerning modern feminism, the situation is more complicated ...

The Republican mascot—an elephant—shown in an aggressive stance.

Republicans Are Unfairly Stereotyped

I find it incredibly ironic that Democrats are against stereotyping, considering that they stereotype Republicans all the time. The left is always accusing the right of being “racist, sexist, bigots.” ...

Intel's logo.

Intel and Mobileye Team Up to Drive Your Car For You

Intel announced on Monday that it will buy Israeli technology firm Mobileye for $15.3 billion as part of Intel’s bid to become a player in the up and coming race ...

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