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A photo of Axel Springer's logo posted outside of a building.

Axel Springer Entering the American Market

Digital publishing giant Axel Springer just bought Business Insider for $343 million. The Berlin-based company acquired Business Insider in an attempt to expand their global outreach efforts. Their latest target? ...

A photo of a sign that reads, "Hogwarts."

Harry Potter’s Childhood Home for Sale

Harry Potter’s childhood home is now for sale… for 475,000 pounds ($620,000). Most fans wouldn’t dare call it a “home” though, considering that it belonged to Harry’s depraved aunt and ...

A photo of Martha Stewart.

Martha Stewart Dumps Trump in Interview with CNN

In an interview with CNN Money’s Chloe Melas, Martha Stewart publicly announced her support for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. But Stewart had a lot more to say about this ...

A photo taken from the outside of a Chipotle restaurant.

Chipotle to Hire 5,000 New Employees Sept. 28

Chipotle is gearing up for a major hiring spree at the end of the month, bringing in 5,000 new workers across the United States—all in one day. The restaurant chain ...

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