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Industry Buzz is the newest place to get your daily "buzz" on news and editorial commentary across all industries.

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Industry Buzz is the newest place to get your daily "buzz" on news and editorial commentary across all industries.

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Michael Mandiberg, “FDIC Insured” 2009-2010.

Artist Uses Bank Logos and Gives Form to Cash Flow

Michael Mandiberg’s current project, FDIC Insured, has been in the works since 2009. Every weekend since then, for six and a half years, he’s tracked US banks that have failed each week. He has kept his own records of their details and their logos. Mandiberg has always been interested in logos as art. The corporate […]

"Sleepwalker," 2014, Painted Bronze, 66 inches x 48 inches x 36 inches.

Sleepwalker in Underwear Draws a Crowd Wherever He Goes

A balding white man in sagging white briefs staggers in place, arms outstretched, face slack and eyes closed. Tourists crowd around to take pictures. An old man reaches out to touch the briefs. A child runs up to kick his legs. None of that is ever going to bother the Sleepwalker because he’s not real. […]

An artist’s conception of Planet Nine.

Why Is Planet Nine So Far Away? Nobody Knows Yet.

Did you know about Planet Nine? Not to be confused with Pluto, which had its classification changed some years ago to a dwarf planetoid. Planet Nine is a mysterious planet with mass about the same as Neptune and has a wildly elliptical orbit about ten times further from the sun than Pluto. Scientists only presented […]

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, left, and SpaceX CEO and Chief Designer Elon Musk, view the Space X Dragon capsule that returned to Earth.

What’s the Point of Space X Going to Mars?

Space X wants to send a mission to Mars by 2018. Slate has an excellent article about how that’s actually possible, but it doesn’t address the business side of things, just the technology side. That’s fair since countless technical questions must be asked about such a project. But there are business issues too, namely: why? […]

Harvard MBAs are abandoning Wall Street in favor of the sweet promise of Silicon Valley’s enviable work life balance and the dream of becoming a billionaire in a few years.

New MBAs Choose Silicon Valley Over Wall Street

After graduating from business school, the traditional path for most MBAs leads to Wall Street. The first year there, working in investment banking is often a grueling experience. Ninety-hour weeks are common. New employees work on pitch books and try to get them perfect. They spend hours reviewing spreadsheets and making presentations. At Harvard Business […]

Striking skull portraits of King Richard III produced using University of Leicester X-rays.

Artist X-ray Portraits of Richard III’s Skull Bring the Plantagenet King to Life

Richard III is arguably one of the most famous English kings, but until 2012 nobody was really sure where he was buried. In that year, his remains were found, identified, and then reinterred somewhere befitting a king, or at least where they wouldn’t end up under a car park. The discovery was a feather in […]

Major Motoko Kusanagi is a cybernetic cyberspace operative in Section 9. Casting a white actress in the role of this Japanese character is called whitewashing and is a regular practice of movie producers.

Whitewash: Scarlett Johansson Isn’t Japanese Yet Plays a Japanese Cop

Hollywood has a race problem. The film industry likes to pretend that white people are the only race, or at least the only race that can play leading characters. Whitewashing is a common problem in entertainment. This practice often happens behind the scenes and most audiences never know it happened, especially if the didn’t read […]

harassment or assault on public transportation.

Sexual Harassment of Women Rampant on Paris Public Transit

According to a recent survey, 100 percent of women in the Paris area are victims of sexual harassment or assault in some form or another while using public transportation. Because women in many cultures are taught from an early age to accept some low-level abuse as normal, many assaults go unreported. Some women don’t even […]

Scientists use ground penetrating radar to search the tombs of William Shakespeare and his family as they try to locate his skull.

Did Grave Robbers Steal Shakespeare’s Skull?

In a twist of irony that he himself would probably find comical, William Shakespeare’s skull doesn’t seem to be where we would expect it, which is to say in his tomb. Buried at the Church of the Holy Trinity in Stratford-upon-Avon, the Bard lays next to his wife, Anne Hathaway. Four hundred years later, a […]

Community activists participate in a rally for affordable housing in New York City at Gracie Mansion—Mayor Bill De Blasio’s rent-free home.

Ghosts Tenants Haunt New York City’s Housing Market!

The housing market in New York City is brutal. Increases in housing costs outstrip increases in income every year. New York might seem like an outlandish example, but the same is happening in places like Seattle and other growing urban centers. New York does have one advantage over other places—the city never tore down its […]

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