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Adrienne Rodney is a freelance writer based out of Hoboken, New Jersey. She has a background in broadcast journalism, working for both local and national news. When Adrienne's not writing she is baking, knitting or running. Follow her on Twitter @hoboadrienne.

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About Adrienne Rodney

Adrienne Rodney is a freelance writer based out of Hoboken, New Jersey. She has a background in broadcast journalism, working for both local and national news. When Adrienne's not writing she is baking, knitting or running. Follow her on Twitter @hoboadrienne.

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A photo of a man wearing a camo-colored hat that reads, "Make America Great Again."

Trump Just Alienated Military Voters

Back in May, the Military Times released a survey in which 54% of troops said that they would vote for Republican candidate Donald Trump. But that number could very well drop to 0% now that the Republican nominee has made an insensitive remark about veterans who struggle with PTSD. On Monday, October 3, Trump attended […]

A photo of Donald Trump being swarmed by the press.

An Inside Look at Donald Trump’s Justice Department Lawsuit

During the presidential debate last night, Hillary Clinton asserted that Donald Trump was sued by the Justice Department for refusing to rent his apartments to African Americans. The assertion proved to be true. It all started in 1973, when a young, 27 year-old Donald Trump was president of his father’s realty company. The realty company […]

A photo of a sign that reads, "Hogwarts."

Harry Potter’s Childhood Home for Sale

Harry Potter’s childhood home is now for sale… for 475,000 pounds ($620,000). Most fans wouldn’t dare call it a “home” though, considering that it belonged to Harry’s depraved aunt and uncle. Harry was sent to live with his aunt and uncle at a young age after both of his parents were killed. Fans know it […]

A photo taken from the outside of a Chipotle restaurant.

Chipotle to Hire 5,000 New Employees Sept. 28

Chipotle is gearing up for a major hiring spree at the end of the month, bringing in 5,000 new workers across the United States—all in one day. The restaurant chain will be hosting their “National Career Day” on September 28, interviewing up to 100 candidates at each of their 2,000 locations. Chipotle is looking to […]

An image of stick figure men standing to the left. On the right side there is a stick figure woman. There is a huge crack in the middle that divides the men from the one woman.

Latest Census Report Shows Gender Wage Gap Still Exists

Yesterday, the U.S. Census Bureau released a new report that shows increased wages for middle class workers. Economists are eager to cite the latest study as signs of an economic recovery. However, it’s not much of an economic recovery for women, who still only earn 80 cents for every dollar a man makes. That number […]

A photo of a woman standing outside her locally-owned business.

Small Business Needs Under the Next President

Regardless of who wins the presidency this November, when they take office, they’ll have a ton of competing agendas on their plate. One of those agendas is the state of small businesses in America. While small businesses (defined as under 500 employees) make up most of the employment within the U.S., there are a lot […]

Human silhouettes juxtaposed against a massive stock market chart.

More Start-Ups Means a Healthier Economy

The number of new start-ups is a pretty good gauge of how the economy is doing, and those numbers are just about back to pre-recession levels. In 2015, there were an average of 550,000 new start-ups each month, which sounds incredible, but keep in mind that doesn’t address the size of those start-ups, their relation […]

A photo of Amazon's logo.

Amazon Experiments with 30-hour Workweek

Just over a year ago, The New York Times investigated claims of Amazon’s “grueling” work culture. The findings weren’t good. More than 100 current and former employees dished on everything from 80-hour workweeks to being retaliated against for taking personal time off. In response to these allegations, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos wrote a […]

An image of a red sign that reads, "Sorry, we're closed."

Gawker Media Bought by Univision, Flagship Site Closed

Back in 2012, published an article about Hulk Hogan that included a clip from a sex tape that he made. Hogan sought damages and was eventually awarded $140 million. Following a few filed attempts at appeals, Gawker Media filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and was bought at an auction by Univision for $135 million. […]

A photo of four African Americans shown from behind in their own separate voter booths.

Appeals Court Protects Minority Voter Access

In late July of 2016, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down a collection of laws passed in North Carolina since 2013 that had, in the court’s view, the intention of denying black voters access to the polls. A lower court previously upheld the laws, but after examining the statutes, the Appeals court found […]

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