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Mary Summers is a recent college grad and freelance writer residing in the Pacific Northwest. She loves writing about trending topics, health and beauty advice, music, film, and television.

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About Mary Summers

Mary Summers is a recent college grad and freelance writer residing in the Pacific Northwest. She loves writing about trending topics, health and beauty advice, music, film, and television.

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The Trick to Taking Better Instagram Photos

Many of the celebrities, bloggers, fashionistas and models on Instagram have acquired some serious photo skills to get people talking about their ‘grams, but what about the rest of us? We normal people sometimes end up taking photos with awkward angles, off colors and bad focus. Some of just aren’t as good at social media (or lack […]

Skills Every Woman Should Master for the Workplace

Every girl has been told over and over again to “lean in,” and that assertiveness is crucial in the workplace. The good news is that this kind of confidence is a learned skill and with small changes, you will soon see how they make your workday better. Communication will become much smoother for you and conflict […]

beauty investments facial

The Best Beauty Investments for Yourself

For some, finding a great beauty purchase is like finding gold. We all like a great beauty deal like that drugstore mascara that performs just like your high end one or an at-home facial. However, there are certain beauty products or services that are totally worth the splurge. Here are a few of them: Balayage […]


Things to Stop Wasting Your Money On

Many of us love going out, and would probably love to try a new restaurant every night, ordering everything off the menu if we could. We all love trying the new bar in town and exploring the downtown dives. But, going out can get super expensive, and a lot of your money gets spent where […]

movies and food

Iconic Movies & Their Fun Food Equivalent

When you want a low-key night in when your girlfriends, there are often two requirements: good food and classic movies. Most of the time you might opt to get take-out, but for a little twist on your evening, try eating food that coincides with the film you are watching. Below are some great pairings to […]


Expert Tips for Getting Rid of Tired Skin

If your facial skin has been looking sallow and dull, it is essentially missing a “healthy glow” that we typically associate with skin that’s alive and well. Especially in the winter, those cold days can make it hard to keep your skin bright. Waking up your skin means restoring it to its most healthy and balanced […]

fashion shoes

Shoes Every Woman Needs by 30

Fashion-conscious gals know that shoes are important; if you don’t have the right pair it can throw off your entire outfit. Just imagine trying to show up to an interview in with a beautiful suit and a dingy pair of flats that are falling apart. You need to build a collection that will carry you […]

celebrate your strength and achievements

Why It’s Okay to Share Your Accomplishments

A lot of us struggle with sharing accomplishments about ourselves. Maybe you can relate. I never want to come across as boastful, arrogant and always try to be humble and modest. The reality is that people you work with will not take notice to the work that you perform because it’s not their responsibility to […]

Social Media tablet

Internet Habits that Are Making You Overspend

Most of us with desk jobs find that we spend a good chunk of our day plugged in. A lot of that time will be filled with surfing the web and browsing social media, where you’ll notice there are ads everywhere. Below are some tips to avoid internet pitfalls that lead to overspending. Don’t go […]

An overweight exerciser rests on the back of a UPS truck.

How to Get Healthy When You Hate Exercise

Working out can sometimes be the very, very last thing I want to do. It comes more naturally to me to come home from work, flop over on the couch, and release a steady stream of drool while I watch Parks and Recreation. Of course, I know, as you probably do, that getting regular exercise […]

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