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Doctors examining an x-ray

HSS Provides Top Tier Orthopedic Surgery for 7th Year Running

If bones are your concern, you’ll definitely want to go to the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. The HSS has been ranked #1 in orthopedics in the US for the seventh consecutive year by US News & World Report. The HSS also ranked #2 in the nation for rheumatology. In addition, HSS supports […]

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Dinosaurs Could Develop Tumors

Dinosaurs, it turns out, could get facial tumors. Previously, non-cancerous facial tumors had only been found in humans, other mammals, and some modern reptiles. But a hadrosaur, a type of duck-billed dinosaur, was discovered in Romania about a decade ago with a deformity on its jaw. Paleontologists knew there was something special about it, but it […]

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Lori Robinson in decorated fatigues.

U.S. General Lori Robinson Becomes First Female Leader of Northern Command

In exciting feminist (and global) news, U.S. General Lori Robinson has been nominated to be the next head of the U.S. Northern Command, the Pentagon said last week. She will undergo a Senate confirmation in the coming weeks. She will be the first female head of a combatant chapter of the U.S. military. If she’s […]

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A young woman holds up a sign that says, "VOTE!"

Why Don’t Young People Vote?

Even though millennials—people born between 1982 and 2000, according to the U.S. census definition—are the largest age group in the country at 83.1 million people, they have the lowest voter turnout of any group. For one thing, political powerhouses don’t generally cater to young people. Most politicians are only interested in money, I think it’s […]

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Left: Skull of a man found lying prone in the lagoon’s sediments. The skull has multiple lesions consistent with wounds from a blunt implement. Right: The skull in situ.

Fossil Records Reveal Warfare Ravaged Stone Age Eden

Fossil emains unearthed in Nataruk, in Kenya, reveal the oldest signs of violence between stone-age peoples yet found. The remains are around 10,000 years old and date from the early Stone Age, a time when humans were hunter-gatherers who had not yet mastered agriculture. Until now, the consensus had been that warfare, or something like […]

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