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Businessman holding soccer ball

Athletes Who Also Make Great Bankers

What does a professional athlete do when he or she graduates college with the competitive juices still flowing? For some people, the answer is to pursue a career in the finance industry. With an increasing amount of graduates in general heading into the finance industry after graduation, the athletic department is seeing the same. Brian […]

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The Karolyi Ranch became an official training center for USA Gymnastics in 2011.

Invest in Excellence and Reap the Awards: The Steinbrenner Sports Leadership Award Winners

Investment is sometimes perceived as a risky business. Success, profit, and sustained growth are key awards of a winning approach to business. A similar strategy is required to excel in sports. Thom Weisel, co-chairman of Stifel Financial Corporation, is a good example of how these worlds sometimes come together. Weisel has been a renowned supporter […]

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A man bends over in front of a camera, doing yoga.

Who You Are May Determine Your Best Exercise Regimen

Growing up, my mom always told me that there are two kinds of people in the world: those that do things because they want to win, and those that do things because they don’t want to get in trouble for not doing them. I fall firmly in the second category, which means that I only […]

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A young boy in a football uniform stares at the camera.

Should Contact Sports Be Revised for Kids’ Teams?

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a tremendous problem in contact sports, and it’s taking a toll on youth athletes around the country. CTE, a progressive degenerative disorder, is found in people who’ve suffered brain trauma—people like football players, wrestlers, or those who participate in other contact sports. Now that a connection between contact sport-induced head trauma […]

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Kenzen won the Future Athlete category in the First and Future competition with their smart patch, which is a biosensor that measures vital signs. The patch pictured here is a prototype.

Sports Business Innovation Stars in Stanford’s First and Future Competition

My favorite part of the Super Bowl was when Cam Newton fumbled. I loved watching the play from DeMarcus Ware’s shoulder. I saw his fingers tighten around the ball. Football must have been so boring before shirt and helmet cameras were invented. Does this story sound possible? It must be from some parallel universe. No […]

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James Harden, who played on the US team during the final game of FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain, is now sponsored by Adidas.

James Harden Signs $200 Million Adidas Deal

Houston Rockets guard James Harden switched his endorsement contract this summer from Nike to Adidas for a new $200 million contract over 13 years. Nike did not want to match the package. The Adidas deal didn’t technically start until October 1st this year but things got a little strange when Harden was spotted wearing Nikes […]

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