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A row of customers at some food trucks in Portland.

Portland’s Street Eats

Food trucks are a mobile restaurant trend that is sweeping the nation. They provide a unique and tasty alternative to dine-in restaurants. Usually a food truck will pick a specific theme or dish to specialize in, reducing the number of items on the menu but increasing the quality of the foods served. Some trucks choose […]

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A group of children play outside at a summer camp.

U.S. Camp Administrators Aren’t Worried About Zika

Though Zika is affecting thousands of parents and children in South America, summer camp counselors aren’t too worried about the virus in the United States. Mosquitoes capable of carrying Zika have been found in the United States, but no insects actually infected with the disease have been discovered. Camp counselors do intend to see what […]

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A steering wheel faces a sky full of the northern lights.

If You Want to Move Abroad, Check Out These Three Places

We all think about it at least once, maybe more: moving abroad, out of our home country, and out of our comfort zone. You can really learn a lot about yourself by moving and opening yourself up to new experiences–sometimes this means learning a new language, or learning that you do, in fact, really like […]

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A young girl stands in the middle of a European street in a dance pose, holding an umbrella.

Tips for Traveling Solo

Traveling alone can be a lot of things: relaxing, thrilling, stressful, and downright scary as hell. If you’re careful about where you go, how you get there, and how you conduct yourself when you’re there, traveling solo can be a safe and rewarding experience. Go where you want, when you want. But if you’re ready […]

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Cows stand in a field.

From Farm Waste to Flight: A Promising Renewable Energy

As it turns out, farm waste serves more of a purpose than simply stinking up neighborhoods around the world. Sometime soon, a United Airlines flight will leave from Los Angeles for San Francisco using fuel made from farm waste and animal fat. Lots of things can be used as alternative forms of fuel, like electricity […]

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A Tesla, waiting to charge.

Tesla to Install Charging Stations at Airbnb Locations

If you’ve ever wanted to use Airbnb for a weekend away but you were concerned about charging your Tesla, there’s now a solution for your very specific problem. Luxury electric car manufacturer Tesla will be placing free charging stations at 30 “high-end” Airbnb places, Bloomberg reports. The stations will be found in cities where Tesla […]

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