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A pair of hands touch, painted in rainbow colors.

Gay Marriage was a Victory, but the Fight Isn’t Over

On June 26th, 2015, the United States Supreme Court ruled that state-level bans on same-sex marriage were unconstitutional, which made a lot of lesbian and gay couples happy, among other people. For many people, especially those who consider themselves allies to the LGBT community, that seemed like the final goal. “Gay marriage” so dominated the […]

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AIG Trial Could Help New York Hit Trump

Recently, the New York Court of Appeals ruled that the attorney general could get millions from former AIG CEO Maurice Greenberg through a process called disgorgement. Disgorgement requires defendants to return money made through unlawful gains. In Greenber’s case, that could amount to over $25 million made by misleading shareholders between 2000 and 2005. It […]

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A fruit pavlova and a spoon.

What the Heck is “Aquafaba”?

I, too, asked myself that question after having seen the name on an internet blog. It sounds like the name of a character from The Neverending Story, perhaps a quirky friend of Falcor. But “aquafaba” is actually a real thing—a real, nutritious thing that vegans and vegetarians are using as an alternative to dairy and […]

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Major Motoko Kusanagi is a cybernetic cyberspace operative in Section 9. Casting a white actress in the role of this Japanese character is called whitewashing and is a regular practice of movie producers.

Whitewash: Scarlett Johansson Isn’t Japanese Yet Plays a Japanese Cop

Hollywood has a race problem. The film industry likes to pretend that white people are the only race, or at least the only race that can play leading characters. Whitewashing is a common problem in entertainment. This practice often happens behind the scenes and most audiences never know it happened, especially if the didn’t read […]

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After nearly 30 years the photography curator at SFMOMA, Sandra Phillips, is retiring from her position.

SFMOMA’s Photography Curator Steps Down

Just as the revitalized San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) is set to open its new doors for the first time, the organization’s top photography curator, Sandra Phillips, will step down from the position. Phillips has brought a critical eye and astute thinking to the museum over her decades-long career there. Now, she is […]

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A man and a woman work on laptops, back to back, and money rains down only on him.

How Expensive Is It to Be a Woman?

The short answer to that question is very. Forbes estimates that because of the wage gap and other complications, a woman starting her career now will earn an average of $430,480 less than a male counterpart over a 40-year career. That number only reflects the wages lost for white women; women of color stand to […]

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A brightly-colored prom dress made of pink and black condoms on display at a fashion boutique.

Condoms: The New Prom Dress

“Being safe is always in style,” reads every tag on a prom dress made of condoms, designed and created by fashion students at the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago. The students came up with a number of prom dresses as part of a safe-sex campaign by the Adolescent Health Project of the Women’s Fund of Omaha, […]

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The repatriation of the totem pole was a two-year-long project. Here the museum’s is staff preparing the totem pole for shipping.

Tlingit Totem Pole Returned After 84 Years

Finally ending it’s 84-year journey, a totem pole will finally be returned to the Tlingit people on November 6. Actor John Barrymore removed the pole from the village of Tuxecan on Prince of Wales Island in 1931 during a sailing trip. Barrymore, grandfather of actress Drew Barrymore, displayed the pole at his home until 1944, […]

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The lovely gingered apple sparkler cocktail.

Delicious Cocktails for Fall 2015

As the colder weather approaches, it’s going to start warming up in your stomach with the help of these delicious cocktails, to make or have someone else make for you! Though I’m as fond of a cold glass of sangria or a Kentucky mule on a hot day, I’m ready for something darker, smokier, and […]

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A male protester on day 23 of the Occupy Wall Street civil action in New York City on October 8th, 2011. He's wearing a t-shirt printed with the slogan "End Income Inequality Now."

Will the Rise of Income Inequality in the U.S. Lead to the Fall of Democracy?

Income inequality is an issue that everyone has an opinion about today. Opinions about the importance—and severity—of income equality as an important political and cultural issue may vary depending on the amount of your personal income. Business leaders and innovators in the financial industry, like Henry Kravis, recognize the serious problem posed by income inequality. […]

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