Most of us begin the New Year trying to be a better version of ourselves. Our work lives are a place that we can really quantify our improvements as we are rewarded for jobs done well with promotions or raises. So here are some of the best places you can get begin improvement.

  1. Learn to make a better to-do list. Whether you are used to jotting down lists on sticky notes and pasting them all over your desks or a well typed up note on your computer, you can ramp up your to-do game in 2015. Try writing it the night before, use sections and assign time estimates.
  2. Stop glorifying “busy.” Being busy doesn’t necessarily mean you are a better worker, but rather it keeps you from doing your best work. Start focusing on being efficient rather than how many hours you spend working.
  3. Update your bedtime routine. If you drag into the office with a lack of sleep, it doesn’t look good to everyone else on your team. Starting a bedtime routine that includes something like reading an inspiring book or writing down questions that need answers will help perk up your creative side.
  4. End procrastination forever. The smallest possible step is just getting started. If you don’t start, you will never knock out that to-do list.
  5. Take lunch breaks. You aren’t getting any better at your job by not ever stepping away from your desk. Studies have shown that walking, socializing, and getting fresh air will help you return back to work refreshed and ready to power through.
  6. Become the best communicator in your office this year. Once you’ve landed the job, that doesn’t mean the negotiation skill honing doesn’t stop. Be confident about what you want and be direct when asking questions. Your clients will appreciate it and your boss will wonder what happened to your small-talking self.
  7. Volunteer for new roles. If you are ready to move up in the company, keep an open mind about what you are saying yes to and what to turn down this year. Find your niche.
  8. Stop trying to be so perfect. You are paralyzing your progress if you focus on your hang-ups or shortcomings. It’s okay to make mistakes. Put yourself and your mental well being first in the coming year and the rest will follow.