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Preparing food should be an activity that gives you pleasure, not one that fills you with dread.

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to what you should and shouldn’t be eating. Each opinion is completely different and even attempting some of the more extreme diets out there can make you feel like a crazy person. You need to make an actual life change to lose weight rather than rely on some diet. Besides, having a healthy diet does not automatically equate to trying to lose weight. Rather, it’s about eating right, treating your body well, and feeling great. Here are a few tips to help you switch gears and head in the right direction.

Set a new goal that isn’t weight based. Diets are more about a goal life than a goal weight. Unrealistic numbers are what drives us towards dieting and makes those diets then fail. Set a new goal that is health-related or more about your career or social life. Mentally unlink those goals from weight, then everything else will fall into perspective.

Get a reality check with your doctor. If you have struggled with your weight the doctor’s office may be a dreadful place. Doctors are less concerned with the number on the scale than they used to be and the best doctors are not ever going to shame you for it. Get a physical and ask the doctor to go through results with you. Ask the doctors about the most important things you can do for your health.

Quit with that scale. You have your daily check-in which causes you to go a day even more disappointed by the number. Break up with your scale to break the yo-yo cycle. The scale can boost you and tear you down and isn’t worth it.

Try having a mindful meal. It is difficult to sit, eat and be mindful about what you are consuming, but it is the fastest route to changing your relationship with food. Start small and set a goal of eating one mindful meal a day. At first you will feel bored and antsy but that’s normal and you will adjust. Nourishing oneself is an important part of life, so it is good to have a positive, conscious relationship with food.