Talk about being out of touch. AT&T recently “filed to officially intervene in the case and was granted that permission on Tuesday morning.” What ‘case’ are they requesting they intervene on? In Chanute, Kansas a new fiber network for its citizens was granted, offering 1Gbps for customers at $40 per month. AT&T offers 6Mbps DSL, and costs more than $40. It also includes a data cape of 150GB per a month. Going over the set cap costs customer an extra $10 bucks.

“Any decision made by the KCC could impact AT&T’s business operations in the area, which is why we asked to intervene in the proceeding,” AT&T told The Eagle. “AT&T remains interested in both broadband issues and the work of the KCC.”

Despite AT&T’s interference, the city doesn’t think the state will do anything to block their plan. AT&T also stated that it doesn’t have an ‘official position’ on the fiber network, but simply want to understand why the town is building such a network in the first place.

Is AT&T really surprised that a better product, at a lesser price, with better infrastructure might be what the customer actually want? Do they even understand what all of this actually means, or are they all thinking, “I can not understand why my customers want 1,000 when I already provide them with 6. What the is wrong with these people…”?

These cable-internet companies need a severe reality check. Just because someone uses your service doesn’t mean they are happy with it. Most companies are a monopoly in their area, so customers have no other choice (other than not having the service at all). If better technology exists, as a company you should be investing in it, not fighting those who are ahead of the curve.