Chinese-ScientistIn China, a cosmetic company is being scrutinized with a journalistic investigation into their using of skin harvested from the bodies of convicts who have been executed. The company has been telling customer it is developing wrinkle treatments from skin taken from those who prisoners who have been shot. Some of the products have been sent to the UK, but those affiliated with the business in China say that using the skin is “traditional”.

It won’t be for a few more years that a regulations board in Europe will look to control such cosmetic treatments. Such revelations have politicians and doctors speaking out about the dangers.

The “aesthetic fillers” such as collagen looks to be available in the UK as well as online, but it’s still unclear whether such practices are still being experimented with, or are in full production. Journalists with The Guardian have learned that the company was known to export collagen products in the past to the UK. An affiliate with the company told consumers it had also sent the product to the US and other European countries, and that it was trying to develop fillers using tissue from aborted fetuses.

A health committee in the UK is set to launch an investigation and bring up issues of controls and guidelines. Kevin Barron, a Labour chairman stated, “This is something everyone in society will be very concerned about.”