‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’ is in June of every year, where offices around the country celebrate the annual workplace tradition. The event began as a way to raise awareness of pet adoption, however the unintended result is that employees have reported that pets in the workplace create a less stressful environment for them. Bring-Your-Dog-To-Work

In a 2013 survey of thirty-one companies, cats slightly edged out dogs in the stress-relief department. However, canine companions are more likely to make a trip to the office as they are used to be leashed and are more socially behaved.

Many offices now have general policies of being open to bringing your canine companion year round. Bringing pets to work helps improve health and wellness in that research shows they have a positive effect on blood pressure, autonomic stress responses and cardiovascular health. Having a dog at your work will also force you to take a break, to walk them accordingly and stretch your muscles. Studies have demonstrated the value of taking frequent breaks as a way to increase productivity.

Also reported were employees feeling friendlier to one another, and finding that customers had a more positive impression of the company. Taking your pooch around the office allows for more interaction with co-workers and staff and make for a more cohesive and trustworthy workplace environment.

Health benefits, stress relief and more trust in the workplace—there are many reasons you might want to bring a pooch to your work. But be sure to stay on your co-workers’ good sides. Keep your pet leashed at all times and with you. Don’t expect others to want to doggy-sit your pooch if you need to step out, and make sure your dog is at a level of obedience where he or she is potty-trained and friendly.