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I really don’t know what I’d do without eggs! They are healthy, affordable, versatile, and delicious!

Let’s face it: “healthy” food can be very expensive. All those green juices and pre-made salads can be hard things to invest in, especially if you already pay big city rent prices to boot. However, there are ways to honor your budget while still eating well, as difficult as it may seem.

The key is to plan ahead and pick things you can work with all week long. There are many foods that aren’t as flashy but can pack a huge boost of nutrients. Below are a few healthy and affordable items you should always have on your grocery list that can work their way into countless meals and snack options.

Eggs – These are one of the most nutritious foods you can eat and at $3-$7 per dozen it’s also one of the most cost effective. Eggs have nine essential amino acids and contain many antioxidants that can help protect your vision. Eat the whole egg, because most of the nutrients are found in the yolk. You can cook them in many ways and put them in just about anything.

healthy food avocado

Avocados are another delicious, healthy choice. Image: threelayercake via Flickr CC.

Canned Fish – Canned tuna or salmon contain excellent sources of vitamins and fatty acids. Buying canned fish is a great way to get yourself some quality fish without having to spend a fortune. Try processing the fish with a bit of olive oil or mayonnaise with the seasonings of your choice and then try pan searing.

Avocados – Cheap, cheap, cheap. This is the one food you don’t need to buy organic. They contain good fat and protein and are packed with many vitamins and minerals. They also happen to have more potassium than a banana. Stir in with a salad, or canned tuna.

Greek Yogurt– With up to three times the protein of regular yogurt, it’s definitely a healthy option that is worth purchasing. It helps your body absorb nutrients better and contains beneficial bacteria that can help aid digestion.

Ground Beef– Meat can be the best purchase on a budget and is made up of equal parts saturated and monounsaturated fat. Brown in a frying pan and add sage, oregano, sea salt, black pepper and maybe a little thyme.

What do you keep on hand to stay true to your healthy diet?

Featured Image: Bram Cymet via Flickr CC.