Did Google+ Ever Stand a Chance Against Other Popular Sites?
Gil C /

Vic Gundortra, head of Google+, suddenly announced his departure from Google today, many were left speculating what would happen to the social networking site. With no reason being given for his abrupt leaving from Google, many are speculating now that with its leader gone, could this be enough of a shakeup for Google to pull the plug on G+?

The website TechCrunch has stated in a report that Google feels that G+ can’t compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter, and will be focusing on redirecting G+ as another product or platform. It makes sense, as the social site hasn’t received the incredible user base that other sites have accumulated.

The problem with Google+ was that created solely as a direct competitor to Facebook, but it did the exact same thing as Facebook. There was nothing truly revolutionary in G+. Most people considered it a “second Facebook” and nothing more. Granted, it did have video chat before Facebook (at its launch) and Circles is a more user friendly way to organize your friends, but Facebook was quick to update those features and still retain its popularity.

So does this mean people that flatly refuse to sign up for G+ and have been Android and YouTube users for far longer than its been around actually be able to rate and comment again? Probably not yet, as Google so far has denied these speculations, stating that the news of their leader leaving “has no impact on our Google+ strategy” and that they will “continue working hard to build great new experiences for the ever-increasing number of Google+ fans.”