smores s'mores some mores

Sunday, August 10th is National S’mores Day, a holiday that pays homage to the iconic American summertime treat. Almost everyone I know has enjoyed a S’more at least once in their life, and many people even consider this sweet, gooey combination of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows to be a quintessential component to camping trips, childhood, and sitting around the campfire with friends.

If you consider yourself a S’mores purist, you can ignore the next few suggestions. If not, why not try out some of these twists on a classic for National S’mores Day?

Indoor S’mores. Do you live in a small apartment complex with no access to an outdoor fire source? Fear not! You can still enjoy S’mores indoors. Some suggest simply microwaving the marshmallows, but I prefer lining a cast-iron skillet with a layer of chocolate topped with marshmallows, and letting them get browned by my oven’s broiler. Simply dip a few graham crackers into this melted chocolate and marshmallow goodness and enjoy!

Nutella S’mores. Nutella S’mores are perfect for anyone who loves that really melted chocolate consistency in their S’mores, but also enjoys the hazelnut flavors of Nutella. Peanut butter is another great addition to S’mores, and doesn’t have to replace any of the other ingredients.

Fruity S’mores. Putting slices of banana, peaches, or even cherries in between the graham crackers will add a little bit of natural sweetness to this decadent summer treat!

S’mores without the graham crackers. One of the easiest ways to revamp a classic S’mores recipe is by replacing the graham crackers that hold it all together with something even more decadent. Chocolate chip cookies, pretzels, Ritz crackers, shortbread, and even Girl Scout Cookies can really elevate this tasty summer treat.

What do you think of these twists on a classic summertime treat? What’s your favorite way to eat S’mores?

Featured Image: Ken Bosma via Flickr CC