Apps exploding from a smartphone.

Image: Shutterstock

There are an incredible number of apps that are so useful you won’t remember how you ever lived without them, or how anyone lived before the dawn of the app—or the smartphone. Here are a few of the current apps out there that are pretty cool, and might actually improve your life for the better.

Companion. This app isn’t just for fun; it actually provides a sense of safety to those who walk alone, especially women. Enter your destination into the app and choose some people you trust to be your “companions” so they can see your progress on a map, regardless of whether or not they themselves have the app. If you don’t make it to where you’re going, drop your phone, or can’t use the phone in case of an event, the app checks in. If you don’t reply to its question of “are you okay?” within 15 seconds, it notifies your chosen companions that something’s wrong. The app can also quickly dial 911. Even if you never need the app—and hopefully you won’t—it’s a great idea to install it, just the same.

Hitlist. This app helps find you the best deals on travel. Just tell the app where you’re thinking of going—Santorini, Tuscany, maybe London, and the app will scan hundreds of travel sites to both find you the best deals on flights and the best time to purchase those flights. “Our intelligent filters help you find trips that suit your time, destination preferences, and budget,” says the website. If you’re friends with other app users, you can see where they’ve been or where they want to go.

Giphy Cam. If you’ve ever spent too much time looking for the perfect gif to send during an online or text conversation, you’re in luck. Giphy Cam lets you record your own gifs and share them to your social networks, or you can search by category to find that perfect gif to describe exactly what you’re feeling with just the click of a button or a poke of a finger.

Give them a try and see what happens!