A woman sleeps happily in bed with a Sensorwake alarm clock on her nightstand.

Image: Refinery29

Okay, so I lied about my listicle obsession. But this one is fun, I promise. You may have heard that it’s a new year! Pretty exciting stuff, no? And this year brings with it a lot of new, cool stuff: new ways to wake up, new ways to live your weird little life. Some of these things actually seem really great and useful, and others I just enjoy for their esteemed sense of whimsy. Take a look! Which of these items would you try?


If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I wish my alarm clocked smelled better,” then this is the item for you. The Sensorwake is an olfactory alarm clock that uses smell to wake you up instead of noise. It comes with a few scents to choose from like espresso, mown grass, chocolate, or freshly baked bread. The clock uses a capsule that lasts for a month. The Sensorwake will hopefully be available in the summer for about a hundred bucks, but it can be preordered on their website.

Smarter Mat.

While I initially thought that this product was rendered redundant by the powers of sight and touch, I now see why something like this could be useful. Simply place the Smarter Mat underneath items in your fridge. Then, when you’re at the store and can’t remember if you need to get more milk, you can either get a reminder on your phone or check the accompanying app to see if you do, in fact, need another gallon of heavy whipping cream. The mat will be available in single, double, or quadruple units, and should be available this summer.

Marathon Laundry Machine.

As a person who lives in a small apartment in a busy, expensive city, this thing would be a dream come true. The Marathon laundry machine is an all-in-one laundry hotspot: it both washes and dries your clothes. Marathon head honcho Glenn Reid says that the Marathon is the “Tesla of large appliances.” It has a large touch-screen control panel and you can connect it to Wi-Fi to monitor energy usage or to set preferences. This guy will be available later this year and will cost about $1,200, about the same as a washer and dryer set.

What cool new products interest you most?