These days, it seems that everyone has a political opinion. But so long as people continue to spout their political beliefs without doing anything to effectively drive change, their opinions will remain just that: opinions.

Enter Countable: an app that makes it easy for users to become politically active and influence future policies. Countable simplifies the language used within Congressional bills so that the average citizen can understand it. The app also streamlines the process of contacting government officials so that citizens make their opinions count ahead of any upcoming bills.

“We built an app platform that brings users in, gets them engaged and excited, gives them simple actions they can take to have their voices heard in Congress,” said Countable CEO Bart Myers in an interview with Vator.

The issue that Myers and his team are trying to solve serves a real need. In a 2014 poll conducted by the Annenberg Public Policy Center, only 36% of respondents were able to name all three branches of government (35% couldn’t name a single one). The poll also found that over 60% of respondents did not know which political party controlled the House of Representatives and the Senate. Perhaps most shocking, 70% did not know that a two-thirds vote by both the House and the Senate is required in order to override a presidential veto.

“In five years I want Countable to be the brand and application and solution that every American thinks of when they think of problems in this country. ‘How do I get my lawmaker to solve it? How do I make sure they are listening?’ Countable is where stuff gets taken care of and issues get solved,” said Myers.

Best of all: the app is nonpartisan and offers a pro/con argument for each issue. The goal is to give the public the tools and resources they need to become educated voters. Countable is available for free on both Android and iOS devices.