An ice cream shop in Boise, Idaho is setting the Internet ablaze with its exclusive product line created for ages 21 and up. The STIL (which stands for “The Sweetest Things in Life”) is quickly growing in popularity due to its eccentric menu items which include beer floats, wine shakes, and bourbon-laced ice cream. Best of all, The STIL offers plenty of non-dairy options for those with allergies or intolerances.

So far, it’s a huge hit. Having only been in business for about five months, the shop has already earned a five-star rating on Facebook and amassed over 3.5K likes.

It’s a dream come true for co-founders Dan Sell and Kasey Allen, who opened the shop with the hope of creating a business that was unique to the local area.

“We saw a gap that we could fill in Boise,” Allen explained. “We saw a way that we could add value and sort of give back and create something that was uniquely Boise’s, and that hopefully Boise can be really proud of and say, ‘That’s our ice cream shop.’”

While both men have a background in business, neither had any experience in the food industry when they first came up with the idea. As part of their initial research, they attended the National Ice Cream Retailers Association Conference in an effort to learn more about the trade.

“We went down to the conference for several days and learned everything we could about making ice cream, flavor development, and retail,” Allen recounted. “Dan’s the ice cream scientist, and we kind of learned as we went. We even ended up going to North Carolina for three days and received hands-on training from a nationally known ice cream chef.”

When crafting their menu, Allen and Sell were also careful to include non-alcoholic flavors. The business partners wanted to create a family-friendly atmosphere that parents could feel comfortable bringing their children to.

“The science prevents you from putting too much alcohol into it,” said Sell. “Our intent is to use it more for the flavor perspective than a bar perspective.”

In other words, consumers will likely get a tummy ache before they ever get a buzz.