David Lynch Live the Process collaboration

When most people think of David Lynch, “workout wear designer” probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, although at this point it should hardly come as a surprise that the multitalented cultural icon wants to conquer yet another industry. Some entertainment critics describe Lynch as “the Renaissance man of modern American filmmaking,” after all, what with his experience as a screenwriter, producer, animator, and director.

I think that Fast Company’s Joe Berkowitz describes Lynch’s somewhat perplexing foray into fashion most accurately:

“Noted purveyor of nightmares and dreamscapes, David Lynch, has a certain reputation. His fans know that at any moment he might come out with an album called Crazy Clown Time or writer a book about transcendental meditation. Even with an expectation for odd choices though, fans probably could not have predicted that the director’s next venture would involve women’s sportswear.”

David Lynch Live the Process collaboration

Once again, Lynch has exceeded all expectations with his new line of workout clothes designed for wellness website Live the Process. Reportedly, Lynch teamed up with model Alyssa Miller and Live the Process to make the lycra-based workout leggings and tops a reality. Perhaps what is most astounding about the collection is just how beautiful the pieces all are.

According to Live the Process, this capsule collection of sportswear was designed to raise awareness about transcendental meditation (TM), which Lynch has been a longtime, highly vocal advocate for. “The collection will be available at Barneys New York with a portion of the proceeds going towards funding for the David Lynch Foundation’s mission to make learning TM accessible to everyone globally,” explains Live the Process. Lynch has been practicing this kind of intensive meditation for more than 40 years, and believes that it has the power to end suffering and bring peace to people all over the world.

Learn more about David Lynch’s collaboration with Live the Process by reading an interview between the wellness site and the acclaimed director.

Images: via Live the Process