Healthy breakfast options laid out on a wood table.

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Every year, I want to do something to make my life more active, more healthful. And every year, I only have intentions, and those are quickly abandoned. But I do like the feeling of starting each day with a healthy meal that will keep me going and keep me nourished through the day.

Greek yogurt and fixin’s.

Greek yogurt boasts a higher calcium count than its runnier counterparts—nearly twice as much! Greek yogurt comes in lots of flavors, but I don’t always like how much sugar gets added to the mix. I usually opt for plain yogurt and then dress it up with honey for a little bit of sweetness I can control. I also add fresh berries and/or oats. Plus, this option is easy to prepare the night before or the morning of and it’s easy to transport.

Quinoa breakfast bowl.

Quinoa really got famous this past year, didn’t it? This recipe takes more time to prepare than the simple one above, but it’s tasty, healthy, and filling. Cooked quinoa pairs nicely with a fried egg and some slices of lox (my favorite thing on the planet), or avocado (one of my least favorite things on the planet). I’d add a banana in place of avocado, or you could take your chances with some chayote squash!

Peanut butter waffles.

These bad boys are tasty and nutritious! You can reduce the amount of sugar you eat and boost your protein! You can put the peanut butter in the batter itself or simply spread it on top. Maybe I like both. Check out this recipe!

Banana bread.

Everybody loves banana bread! Easy to make and easy to take with you in the morning, this healthy recipe replaces sugar with applesauce and cream or milk with almond milk. Yum! Plus, whole wheat flour brings a lot of fiber to that table, and we all know that’s a good thing.

What are your go-to healthy breakfast recipes? Let me know!