Echoing GreenAttention social entrepreneurs: Echoing Green is seeking partners for a program that will launch in the near future and place young, rising stars of the corporate world onto the boards of its fellows’ organizations.

Echoing Green’s desire is to increase the number of social entrepreneurs that participate in its fellowship program, while at the same time deepening the support to those who are already in the network. This will be accomplished through a three-year growth plan.

Echoing Green was founded in 1987 by the leadership and investment of General Atlantic, a global growth equity firm. Nearly 30 years later, General Atlantic still provides guidance to Echoing Green, with members David Hodgson and Robbert Vorhoff on their board of directors.

“Our philosophy at Echoing Green is once a fellow, always a fellow,” Lara Galinsky, senior vice president at Echoing Green, said.

The initiative, which will launch in a few short months, is designed to identify and place young corporate leaders into boards, though that is not its main focus. Instead, the focus is the leadership development program that will provide four months of training and professional development programs to fellows’ organizations. After the four months, Echoing Green will introduce graduates to fellows and provide them with support leading up to their first board meeting. For the first round, Echoing Green will be selecting 10–15 social entrepreneurs.

“We want to make sure they are trained, not only to be outstanding board members and to really understand what it takes to be a great board member but also to really look within themselves and understand what skills and competencies and qualities they need as leaders to be able to have them of influence and impact as people throughout their lives,” Galinsky added.

In addition to looking for dedicated and inspired social entrepreneurs, Echoing Green is searching for partner organizations to participate in the pilot phase of their initiative. These partner organizations would be involved in the board matching program.

Images: via Facebook.