Soft-boiled eggs set in decorative cups.

Image: Shutterstock

Okay, so, the title is misleading. But while eggs aren’t fruit, they’re definitely magical! Some people who have cut most animal products from their diets struggle to get the amount of nutrients their bodies really need. As a result, some of those people—“vegans” (cute, right?)—are using the #veggan hashtag on Instagram to show the creative ways they’re using eggs.

Eggs really are very good for you. One large egg contains six grams of protein! Eggs also content blends of omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, B vitamins, iodide, and choline, which improve overall health and act as mood-boosters. Furthermore, the B12 eggs contain helps build muscles, which you’ll certainly need if you’re raising your own chickens. For its part, choline can help fight cancer: women who eat higher levels of choline are 24 percent less likely to develop breast cancer.

While many people will still eschew the nutritional powerhouses of eggs, it’s worth noting that there are many ways to be healthy. Many people are able to keep well without any animal products at all. However, eggs are a great source of nutrition, and you should probably be eating them! Eggs are affordable, versatile, and pair well with many other foods.

If you like chickens as animals, you probably don’t want them to go extinct, right? Well, eating eggs helps preserve some old breeds of chickens. Industrial farming tends to use the eggs of only a few breeds, so other kinds of chickens fall to the wayside and are at risk of becoming extinct. The more local eggs you buy, the more likely you are to help sustain the business of rarer eggs.

If you’re looking for some egg-spiration, eggs are easy to cook and easy to keep around the house. Drop a few into a hot skilled bull of spinach, yogurt, and chili oil for a light, nutritious meal. If you have no problem consuming animal products, pair eggs with crumbled chorizo and goat cheese. Or just serve them sunny-side up next to some fluffy pancakes and crispy bacon.

What are your favorite ways to use eggs? Share below!