Weddings are an amazing time for celebration, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t filled with their fair share of drama and awkward social situations. Image: Katsu Nojiri via Flickr CC.

Weddings are an amazing time for celebration and to see those nearest and dearest to you. But with a wedding can come many unexpected issues and awkward social situations that seem to be part of every wedding. Below is advice for dealing with awkward situations.

Between you and your future spouse, you have a lot of siblings. So who will make it into the bridal party? This is a tough situation and there are many different opinions as to how this should be handled. Spots in the bridal party are usually reserved for the nearest and dearest. But one thing to remember is that your sisters and future sister-in-laws will be in your life forever and friends come and go. If you are worried about the bridal party size keep in mind that your bridesmaid and groomsmen don’t have to be the same.

Members of your wedding party are exes, “frenemies” or generally don’t get along with each other. Your wedding party is going to be your support net for the engagement period. They will be helping you with the events and will generally be a shoulder to lean on. While it’s a natural feeling for the couple to try and accommodate their friends’ differences but the truth is you have many bigger things to deal with than people’s personal issues.

Your guests are being difficult about the other guests you are or are not inviting. The guest list can be the most stressful part of the wedding planning process. Who attends the wedding is up to the couple. Consider everyone’s feeling and hear them out but then handle the situation politely and firmly.

Your guests are bringing unexpected plus-ones to the big day. This is becoming a more common problem in modern weddings where couples are making clear decisions to only have people they know attend the wedding. If you get unexpected people RSVPing to the wedding, it’s time to pick up the phone and deal with it head on. Being passive-aggressive is not the way to handle the problem. Explain directly that your venue has strict capacity guidelines and unfortunately your current guest list has already been filled.