essential healthy food eggs

Eggs are such an essential part of my diet, my fridge would look naked without a dozen of them in there!

Cooking for yourself can be a fun, empowering, and educational experience. It’s important to learn how to nurture and nourish your body in healthy ways as an adult, but knowing where to start can be tricky. Here are some staples that can serve as the base of many easy-to-make dishes. Be sure to pick these essential ingredients up on your next trip to the market!

Eggs – Eggs can be added to anything and serve as an easy way to get protein in your diet. You can eat them for breakfast or dinner and add them to just about everything; they are kind of incredible! A fried egg atop a hearty kale salad? I don’t mind if I do!

Cheese – Cheese is another essential item you can add to just about any dish or you can eat it alone. It’s easy to make a snack with if you just add crackers, veggies or added it to toasted bread for a meal.

Buttermilk – This essential ingredient can be used to make biscuits, dressing, fried chicken and a variety of other dishes. It’s good for those comfort food nights.

Bacon – Bacon is another awesome ingredient that can be used in so many ways. You can put it in sandwiches, breakfast dishes, salads and pastas. You can utilize it in a multitude of ways or eat it alone.

Butter – My personal favorite, butter is used for so many things. You cook with it, you put it on things, and you put it in things. I prefer salted butter, but many professional bakers recommend having unsalted butter on hand when making pastries or desserts.

Veggies – Although it’s harder to keep fresh veggies for very long, you can pick up certain frozen vegetables that can be added to a variety of dishes. You can get spinach, carrots and peas for relatively little money. It’s a lifesaver to stick to eating healthy with convenience, so make fresh or frozen veggies an essential ingredient at your home.

Tomatoes – Not only do they add a pop to your dish, but also they are a great accent and starting point for a base for any dish. You can use them for pastas, savory pies, or paired with a sandwich. They are very versatile and easy to use, as well as very good for you!

Featured Image: Bram Cymet via Flickr CC.