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If your skin needs a wake-up call, make your makeup work overtime.

If your facial skin has been looking sallow and dull, it is essentially missing a “healthy glow” that we typically associate with skin that’s alive and well. Especially in the winter, those cold days can make it hard to keep your skin bright. Waking up your skin means restoring it to its most healthy and balanced state of being. While you can make an appointment with an aesthetician, it is not the only solution. Here are some quick tips to help get rid of tired skin:

Go grab some ice and get your blood flowing. If you are suffering from sleep deprivation, the effects of a restricted blood flow may be reflected on your skin. During waking hours, the body is in a vertical position. At night, with the right amount of sleep, the flat position can help balance out and regulate proper blood flow and circulation both in the face and body. If you aren’t able to get a full night of sleep, splash your face with very cold water. This will boost skin circulation and that much needed color that gives the illusion of “glowing skin.” Fill your sink with water and ice cubes, for best results.

Get your “Pep” on. Certain ingredients in skin-care products can encourage blood flow to the face. When applied to the skin they can gently dilate blood vessels, which helps the skin accommodate more nutrient-rich blood.

Put your makeup to work. Sometimes when you look washed-out and exhausted, you can fake awake by choosing a bright shade of blush. Blush high on the cheeks can do wonders in waking up your skin, and giving it a more healthy appearance.

Massage your face. One important step in a professional facial is a massage of the face and neck. While it’s very relaxing, it also helps to increase microcirculation. Perform your own gentle facial massage after applying moisturizer at night when your face is damp. Massaging gently under your eyes in the morning can also help alleviate some of those dark circles you experience from time to time.