100 most creative people in business

Since 2009, Fast Company has presented an annual list of the 100 Most Creative People in Business. The media company calls it “a snapshot of the range and depth of creativity across our business landscape,” and provides a detailed profile about the innovators, leaders, entertainers, and other creative who make the cut. The 100 Most Creative People in Business embodies an entirely new crop of people each year, in which previous honorees cannot be represented again, and wherein Fast Company excludes anyone previous profiled in the print version of the magazine.

Here are some highlights from this year’s list of the 100 Most Creative People in Business:

#1 Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al-Saud

100 most creative people in business

The #1 Most Creative Person in Business this year is Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al-Saud, CEO of Saudi Arabian luxury retailer Alfa Intl. Fast Company chose her for the number one spot for her dedication to inviting Saudi women into the workforce, and for “bringing meaningful change to one of the world’s least-progressive culture.” An empowered woman and savvy CEO, Princess Reema is creative and courageous.

#11 Theaster Gates

“Theaster Gates, a Chicago-based potter turned conceptual artist with a background in urban planning, is using culture as a strategy to improve poor neighborhoods,” explains Fast Company. Gates has been able to turn vacant homes into cultural spaces, and even transformed a former housing project into a mixed-income residential and arts hub. His creative vision and knack for mastering the art of urban renewal is what undoubtedly earned him a spot on this list.

#22 Anna Maria Chávez

Chávez, the CEO of the Girl Scouts, is another woman leader who seeks to empower future generations of women in business and STEM fields. She, along with Michelle Obama and Sheryl Sandberg, helped to spearhead the “Ban Bossy” campaign, and continually works to innovate the Girl Scouts of the USA to be more inclusive, inspiring, and powerful.

#74 Hugh Evans

100 most creative people in business

Hugh Evans is the founder of the Global Poverty Project (GPP), and was chosen for the list for his ability to “turn music lovers into activists.” His ability to connect with other people, many of them famous and influential, is one of the reasons GPP has been so successful in working to ending poverty around the world. Evans has rallied millions of people worldwide, and has raised vital funds for poverty relief initiatives. It’s his creative, deeply passionate approach that makes him a humanitarian innovator.

#100 King Bach

You might already be following Fast Company’s final pick for the 100 Most Creative People in Business, on Vine. King Bach started making a name for himself last year after posting hilarious, clever, and highly creative micro-videos on the popular app Vine. After one month of using the application, King Bach, aka Andrew Bachelor, already had a million followers and a deal with United Talent Agency. Fast Company predicts big things for this self-made young comedian.

Other creative people that made the list include Anna Kendrick, Jerry Seinfeld, Amanda Musilli, Anthony Perez, Jennifer Lee, Chase Adam, Molly Guy, and many others. Make sure to check out Fast Company’s complete list of creative people in business.