A holiday office party with gifts.

Image: Shutterstock

While most of us are gearing up for a rum and eggnog-soaked office holiday party and looking around the house for easy white elephant gifts, some of us actually like our bosses and coworkers! But it can be tricky to find the right gift for someone you know through a professional relationship. Here are a couple of nice options for gifts for supervisors, administrators, and people on your team!

Cord Tacos from This Is Ground.

These are super great for an office that’s all caught up in tons of wires and cords. These cute and efficient desk doodads help tidy up desk space and keep everything organized. They come in lots of color options and are made from genuine leather. Simply wrap your cords up inside and button the taco shut! Voila. Instant peace.

Curry and Szechuan Peanuts.

If your office doesn’t have any peanut allergies, try these tasty snacks that will be just as satisfying as donuts (well, don’t quote me on that). These peanuts boast delightful Asian flavors of soy, curry, and garlic. For $18, you get four bags of peanuts—two of each! Your boss or peckish coworker can snack happily all day-and maybe share some with you.

A desk cactus.

Cacti are hardy little buggers, so they’re great to keep on a desk for some added prettiness. The Winston from Bloom That lives in a lovely, clean porcelain cup. Bloom That can only deliver to California and New York, but if you’re in those areas, you have lots of beautiful delivery options. You can even order right from your phone. If you don’t live in CA or NY, you have the option of getting a local plant and potting it yourself!

Give the best gift of all: chocolate.

Godiva is a wonderful place. Show your people you actually care about them as human beings by giving them the 6-piece Ultimate Dessert Truffle Flight, which features chocolate éclair and strawberry crème flavors. And they’re pretty to boot! But not for long: these are likely to be gobbled up with alarming speed.

A mug warmer.

Sometimes, work picks up and we’re forced to leave behind our beloved, our absence a promise of chilly doom. But no more! For your busy coworker or boss, this mug warmer from Amazon is a great gift—it will keep hot beverages hot, and it’s easy to take care of and clean!

Happy holidays, from our office to yours!