A computer generated image of an elephant painted as the American flag. The elephant is split in two.

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There’s no doubt about it: the Republican Party is falling apart. Between Paul Ryan and other GOP members publicly denouncing Donald Trump, the conservative presidential candidate no longer stands a chance at winning the Oval Office. To make matters worse, new sexual assault allegations keep emerging, less than a month before Election Day.

On the bright side, destruction always comes before creation. This is history in the making, and the American people could very well be witnessing the evolution of the Republican Party.

The American people have already witnessed a historic moment: the moment when three dozen Republicans called on their candidate to drop out of the presidential race. The Republican Party, which has long since been criticized for being sexist, stuck up for women by rebuking Trump after video surfaced of the presidential candidate bragging about sexual assault.

It’s a sign that things are changing. Many people believe that Trump is a racist, a bigot, and a misogynist. This election has made it crystal clear that America won’t tolerate chauvinism.

This leaves the GOP with no other option than to rethink their strategy. If they want to win an election in the future, they will have to adopt more progressive views on women, people of color, and gay rights.

If they were to adopt more progressive social views, that would put the GOP more in line with the Libertarian Party. Put simply, Libertarians are fiscally conservative and socially progressive. Currently, Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson is at 7% in the polls. As tensions mount within the GOP, that number could experience a sudden spike.

In all honesty, it’s going to take a long time before conservatives completely abandon their “moral and religious” platform. But when they do, the Republican Party will be a lot more appealing to younger generations that are concerned with issues of equality.