The Georgia Guidestones monument was damaged by a bombing, after a fringe Republican gubernatorial candidate made calling for its destruction a cornerstone of her campaign.

The Georgia Guidestones, a granite monument outside Elberton, was erected in 1980 under commission by an anonymous patron who went by the moniker R.C. Christian. They include what appears to be a list of recommendations for recreating civilization in the event of a collapse. Some good ideas, such as a system of just laws, and some questionable, like eugenics and keeping the global population from climbing back above half a billion.

Probably because of the anonymous designer, conspiracy theorists have made all sorts of stories about the Georgia Guidestones. And because they mention a global government, the far-right conspiracists like to cite them as evidence of ‘Leftist’ plans for global genocide.

This May during Georgia’s gubernatorial primary, Republican candidate Kandiss Taylor’s campaign was strangely focused on the Guidestones. Taylor’s website says that after “constitutional carry,” her chief priority as Governor would be to demolish the Georgia Guidestones.

“Donate today to rid Georgia of this Satanic evil,” her site reads, calling them a monument of “the Global Luciferian Regime.”

Wednesday morning, reports of a loud noise just after 4am led investigators to the Guidestones. One of the four granite panels was in shattered pieces. The explosion was caught on surveillance camera, and the footage has been released to show a silver sedan leaving the scene shortly before the explosion.

The damage left the stone monument unstable, and state authorities had the remaining slabs demolished “for safety reasons” before any attempt at stabilization or preservation could be made. News and Twitter articles about the damage are full of people celebrating the vandalism as a patriotic or Godly act.

Kandiss Taylor credits God himself with the destruction. Apparently God drives a silver sedan and hides his identity by working in the dark.

There is no word if anything is to be done with the time capsule allegedly sunk beneath the stones.

Photo: Shutterstock