Google is preparing to offer its high-speed fiber-optic Internet service in four new metro areas as part of the latest step in expanding the service. Google has announced upcoming launches in Atlanta, Charlotte N.C., Raleigh-Durham, N.C, and Nashville, Tennessee.

“The Triangle, as a world-renowned hub for great universities, rapid innovation and a thriving biotechnology sector, is the perfect region to show us what’s possible with gigabit speeds,” Kevin Lo, business and operations director for Google Fiber, said in a statement to

“Fiber will help put the Raleigh-Durham area on par with the fastest cities in the world, like Seoul, Tokyo and Zurich,” Lo said. “Given that the U.S. is still 14th in the world when it comes to speed, this is a big deal.”

The service promises Internet speeds of 100 times faster than existing connections. Kansas City, Mo., Provo, Utah and Austin, Texas already have the service. “Ultra-high-speed broadband is vital for our residents to participate in today’s global economy,” Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane said, adding that having the network across the Triangle “is opening the door for future regional collaborations and partnerships that may have not been possible or as easily accessible in the past.”

The service makes it so you can download movies as fast as two minutes just to give you an idea of the difference. Not only that but the high-speed service could aid in advances in science and business. In the Kansas City market Google Fiber has been able to get users to switch by their reasonable prices. The company charges $70 per month for Internet service and $120 for TV and Internet.

According to Business Insider, “In addition to connection speeds as much as 100 times the speed of traditional broadband Internet solutions, Google Fiber has the added benefit of providing customers with a non-cable solution. It’s no secret cable providers like Comcast and Time Warner are at the bottom of customer service lists year in and year out,” of the ways that Google is on the fast track to outpacing Comcast and similar companies.


Later this year Google is expecting to expand more to cities like Salt Lake City, San Jose, Portland and Phoenix. Learn more by visiting Google Fiber.