Off the top of your head you’d probably suggest that best places to work offer a generous salary, amazing benefits, tons of vacation, great support and training, and not a lot of stress. Of course that description sounds more like the life of lottery winner or someone who has inherited a lot of money. That’s not most people.

However, job seekers with good skills and training are often pursued by competing employers and offered attractive benefits and bonuses for signing on. Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook, for example, are well known for being great places to work.

But it isn’t just about money or privilege. Job satisfaction, doing good work, and connecting with your colleagues are important components in this equation.

Medium-sized companies are attracting great talent and providing rewarding careers just as well as their larger competitors. They’ve attracted the attention of many leading figures in the world of finance. For instance, Anton Levy, Chairman of General Atlantic, sits on Squarespace’s Board of Directors, the company that came in fifth place in a recent survey of medium-sized places to work.

Here are some of the areas that a great place to work needs to provide their employees:

Fitness Matters

Healthy staff members are able to perform their duties with greater energy and improved attention. Supporting fitness with an on-site gym or paying membership fees builds respect and shows you’re caring for the whole person.

Ongoing Education

A company should offer incentives that encourage employees to learn and improve skills related to their job and soft skills that will improve their abilities interacting with colleagues, managers, and clients.

Fair Pay Is Fair Play

Your employees deserve to earn a living wage. Investigate the cost of living in your area and ensure that you’re providing your employees with a salary that allows them to meet their needs. Worry about financial matters takes their attention away from work.

Clear Expectations

Each worker should have a job description that describes their responsibilities and outlines and measures expected goals. Encourage employees to participate in the performance reviews that are designed as a two-way review between supervisor and worker.

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