When you think of the future of car rental, your mind likely goes to one of two places: Google’s self-driving cars or Uber. Google and Uber shouldn’t get too comfortable, as DocuSign and Visa want to enter the conversation!

At the Money2020 Conference in Las Vegas, DocuSign and Visa showcased a new car rental service that would allow consumers to quickly rent a car and sign all of the necessary documentation from the driver’s seat itself. Visa’s car-based commerce plan, which implements a connected car prototype, would utilize DocuSign’s eSignature technology to streamline the rental form process to create a quick sales process for their customers.

“When a customer, partner, or investor wants to partner with us to create a new, game-changing innovation, we’re thrilled,” said Keith Krach, Chairman and CEO of DocuSign. “Visa is the trusted global leader in the payment industry and is relied upon by millions of merchants and billions of consumers around the world. DocuSign is the trusted global leader in Digital Transaction Management and eSignature. Together, our Labs teams are the perfect partners to help consumer and companies fast-forward their journey to becoming fully digital.”

You can learn more about DocuSign and Visa’s proposal by reading this blog post!

Visa and DocuSign aren’t the only challengers to the car rental throne of the future. In fact, there are a handful of car rental place that currently exist under that (naturally) hope to survive into the future. Hertz, for example, just scrubbed their rental-car cleaning fee in an effort to become more attractive to customers.

I, for one, am eagerly awaiting a future in which we have a multitude of options for car rental services!

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