Conferences deliver much of the innovation in the tech world by placing the latest release of a product directly in the hands of the end user, educating them, and eliciting feedback. Often these events feature keynote speeches from the thought leaders that have pioneered various industries.

Many who attend an industry conference or seminar say it was one of the best things you can do for the future of your professional career. There are many conferences which are designed to give a plethora of useable content, updates to the latest industry news and changes and look to seek ideas and create innovation, especially when it comes to the technology industry.


With the emergence of TED Talks, created by founder Richard Saul Wurman, which are a global set of conferences under the slogan “Ideas Worth Spreading”, their seminars look to motivate their viewers and encourage new ideas. TED Talks look to ignite innovation and creativity, with keynote speakers and industry experts who speak on a variety of topics from the puzzle of motivation, to body language and to history of the world.


DocuSign’s Momentum conference is a deep dive into the Digital Transaction Management (DTM) industry that offers technical sessions with digital thought leaders. The 2015 San Francisco event featured talks from industry leaders like Keith Krach, CEO of DocuSign, as well as opportunities for networking and actionable takeaways. With hands-on learning opportunities presented by top instructors as well as engagement in digital adoption and the latest news on security and compliance with digital transactions, DocuSign Momentum is one of the best annual tech conferences out there.

Said Shaun Holmes, a Sales Operations Manager with Desynit, “I attended MOMENTUM London 2014 to learn more about the e-signature industry and discovered practical insights that has transformed our business and the way we work.”

Tech Crunch Disrupt

Tech Crunch Disrupt events look to promote start-up companies and gives stage to ‘the little guys’. The three-day conference is a full on, immersive experience, looking for ‘creative destruction’ with their 24-hour hackathon and ‘battlefield’ of start-ups, each looking to showcase their talent, companies and abilities in tech.