Weddings are great and all, but how can you enjoy them without draining your bank account? Image: Katsu Nojiri via Flickr CC.

Wedding season is right around the corner and while most of us are looking forward to celebrations with friends, weddings can tug at the purse strings. Between having to get a new outfit, travel, the gift and dinners, getting invited to go to two (or ten) weddings this summer can leave your bank account depleted. What do you do to keep this number down and ensure that you can have a good time at all the upcoming weddings? Below are some creative cost-cutting hacks.

Swap out your wardrobe. Finding that perfect dress for a wedding can be a great excuse to do some shopping, but if you are doing several nuptials this year, all those new outfits and shoes can add up fast. Instead of buying brand new, try hosting a clothing swap with your friends or renting from

Gift according to your budget. Traditional etiquette will tell you that wedding gifts are not ever expected from guests. The dollar amount if you decide to get a gift is completely up to you. Your friends should not expect you to go broke on their wedding so spend what makes you comfortable, because they will love you no matter the dollar amount of your gift.

Seek alternative accommodations rather than a hotel. If you have a big group going with you to the wedding, try getting an Airbnb. Heck, you can even put up your place on Airbnb to recoup the cost of a plane ticket. This will be more affordable than a hotel.

Know when to decline. You do not have to attend every single pre-wedding event. It costs a lot of money to go to a bridal shower, bachelorette party and THEN the wedding. But there is no rule that says you need to attend all three and there is no need to feel bad.