A visibly grumpy young woman is surrounded by illustrations of bones, bombs, and exclamation points.

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It happens to us all: that black pall of anger that makes us snap at our loved ones, shovel snack trash into our mouths as if they were clown-cars, and slam doors even if we’re thirty years old. But being in a bad mood doesn’t make us productive or happy—and it certainly doesn’t make the people around you happy! So before you slink under the covers feeling poorly, here are some tips to help you overcome that bad mood.

Go for a walk.

Getting exercise releases endorphins that will boost your mood and make you feel much better pretty quickly. But if you aren’t in an area you can walk in, choose any kind of other physical activity you like: take the stairs, lift weights, do some jumping jacks in your office.

Think about what it is that’s really bothering you.

Sometimes you just wake up grumpy, but mostly your mood is affected by something in the external world. Things like guilt, low self-esteem, or feeling like you’ve done something wrong or not well enough can all be contributing factors. Lashing out at other people won’t make you feel any better—you’ll just feel worse.

Get some chocolate in you.

Of all the suggestions in this list, this one is probably the best. Dark chocolate has been shown to improve moods by stimulating the production of endorphins. It also contains serotonin, which acts as a natural anti-depressant. Plus, chocolate is just delicious.

Hang out with a pet.

Petting a fuzzy buddy can also help in the release of serotonin. Being around animals calms us down and lowers our blood pressure. There’s something about being around an indefatigably happy dog or a lazy cat that just makes us happy. It’s hard to stay mad when there’s a puppy wiggling around in your lap!

Pamper yourself.

If all else fails to erase the grumpiness, it’s okay to just feel what you feel. Take a hot bath; take yourself out to dinner; or watch a movie and drink some wine. Do something you know relaxes you.

You can bust a bad mood—and the sooner, the better!