Part of nourishing yourself means being able to read a recipe. When was the last time you read and followed a recipe from start to finish? Image: Chiot’s Run via Flickr CC.

Okay, at this point in your life, you really should know how to read a recipe. Because you are going to need to bake for upcoming summer parties and get-togethers, you are going to need to know how to read that recipe. Today, we are going to start at the very beginning and learn how to read the recipe. You get that grumble in your stomach and that desire to start learning to read a baking guide. Below are some steps to fulfill that.

Carefully read the entire recipe. Reading a recipe from beginning to end is a big deal. Review the ingredients list and read through the instructions. The instructions sometimes have hidden ingredients like water or sometimes you need to split the ingredient list in an expected way. You want to read the recipe, trust me.

Respect the order of the recipe. When a recipe lists things out, they want you to know the order and there is a reason for it. It’s built to help us help ourselves throughout the baking process. Trust it.

Don’t forget: the comma is everything in baking. Every cut, chop, and dice is something to be done AFTER the ingredient is measured. For examples 4 ounces green onion, coarsely chopped. This means in long hand go to the store, buy your green onions, Unwrap. Put it on the counter and continue to chop it. Place in the bowl and follow the rest of the instructions.

Wait on the recipe, and practice being patient. Wait to take your treat out at the right time. The time and description gives you confidence that you have an estimated time and appearance. Trust the process and standby for the pot holders.