We’ve all felt tired, frustrated, and blue at work. Luckily, the power of positive thinking gives us the opportunity to talk ourselves into having a great day. Image: mynameisrage via Flickr CC.

Whether you work in advertising, healthcare, hospitality, human services, or finance there are days where you don’t feel like doing what you are being paid to do. Feeling bored, distracted, frustrated, or unfocused at work is human and totally natural. Changing your mood isn’t always easy but there is always a way to trick your negative thoughts into going away. Below are some phrases you can say to yourself to really try to turn your day around.

If you are feeling exhausted, tell yourself: “I need to rest. I recognize that. I am going to rest as soon as I can but for now I am going to put my best effort forward.”

If you are feeling frustrated with a colleague, tell yourself: “I can’t always control what other people do but I am in charge of my responses and reactions. I am here to deliver my best.”

If you are feeling invisible and like what you do doesn’t matter, tell yourself: “I don’t have to be the center of attention to make a meaningful impact on someone else’s life.”

If you are feeling overwhelmed at work by how much you have to do, tell yourself: “I don’t have to do everything today but I am going to do something today with my whole heart.”

If you are feeling guilty because you’ve been procrastinating say: “Today is not over yet. It is not too late to do something creative, productive and courageous.”

Give yourself the words you need to hear right now and help you finish your day on a high. You have the ability to turn your day around with the power of positive thinking. Coach yourself and get your mind back in the game.

What mantras or phrases to you tell yourself when you’re having a hard time and need a bit of validation?