movies and food

Pizza tastes even better when paired with a classic movie during a girls’ night! Image: Jenn Durfey via Flickr CC.

When you want a low-key night in when your girlfriends, there are often two requirements: good food and classic movies. Most of the time you might opt to get take-out, but for a little twist on your evening, try eating food that coincides with the film you are watching. Below are some great pairings to try out for yourself on the next movie night.

When Harry Met Sally: Be sure to pick up some kosher deli sandwiches to enjoy while watching this romantic comedy.

It’s Complicated: Your friends will love to eat some pain au chocolat while watching this flick.

Home Alone: Okay, for this movie ordering take-out food is fine, so long as it’s a giant, greasy cheese pizza.

The Princess Bride: Make a version of “Princess Punch” with raspberry lemonade and apples…and maybe just a splash of vodka.

Grease: Pick up fixings to make ice cream sundaes for the whole crew.

Good Will Hunting: Prepare burgers for everyone to chow down on.

Sleepless in Seattle: Iced coffee goes well with anything in Seattle, and serving coffee and pastries or other coffee shop food is a great nod to the coffee capital of the country where this film was set.

You’ve Got Mail: The turning point in the film involves Meg Ryan being home sick and receiving a visit from Tom Hanks. For a comforting night in, make some homemade chicken noodle soup for everyone.

Titanic: Restaurants around the world have dedicated their entire menus to the actual menu served on the Titanic. One of the iconic dishes served was poached salmon, and you can interpret this however you like, including by serving salmon sushi rolls!

Dish + Drink: Pull out the watermelon pops for this very traditional summer resort movie.

Pretty Woman: Escargot and olives come to mind but your best bet may be frozen berry bellinis, inspired by the champagne and strawberry scene.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Breakfast food is what should be served for this film. You’ll love noshing on eggs, pancakes, bacon, and mimosas while watching this classic film with your friends!