A steering wheel faces a sky full of the northern lights.

Image: Flickr

We all think about it at least once, maybe more: moving abroad, out of our home country, and out of our comfort zone. You can really learn a lot about yourself by moving and opening yourself up to new experiences–sometimes this means learning a new language, or learning that you do, in fact, really like kimchi. Either way, it builds character! So if you’re thinking of moving abroad, consider these awesome places.

Switzerland. This notoriously neutral country has one of the highest standards of living anywhere. Wages are good, taxes are low, the landscape is beautiful, and the country’s life expectancy is beaten only by Japan for women and Iceland for men. Additionally, cheese and chocolate abound, and bike travel and outdoor sports keep the citizens healthy and fit.

Taiwan. Taiwan really is a place that never sleeps. Plenty of businesses either hold very long hours or are open 24 hours a day so you can get whatever you need whenever you want. Additionally, the cost of living is pretty low–food, housing, and transportation are all much less expensive than they would be in the U.S. And there’s tons of adventure to have! Outdoor sports and cultural events happen all the time, making it easy for you to do a lot on just a little bit of money.

Canada. This country often tops the United Nations’ list of best places to live, and with good reason. Low taxes and inflation, free healthcare, and plenty of diversity and multiculturalism. Canada is also a relatively safe country with lots of job opportunities and, if you like the idea of striking out on your own, lots of land to take a stake in.

There are plenty of other places to visit or live, but these countries earn special recognition for all they offer to residents. Everyone should try to live in another country at least once, however briefly. It’s good for your resume, your health, and will help you become a more well-rounded individual. And it’s good for people to experience cultures outside of their own, for better perspective.