In states where recreational marijuana is legal, a growing number of companies are beginning to sponsor in-office cannabis happy hours. What’s more is that some companies claim it makes their employees more productive.

Key to Cannabis is one of those companies. They operate a website dedicated to reviewing cannabis products. During weekly meetings, the team samples everything from edibles to CBD oil (CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is the chemical compound in marijuana that relaxes you; THC is the psychoactive component).

“A lot of our team prefers CBD because they can continue to work in a high caliber,” Nicholas Levich, cofounder of Key to Cannabis, told Business Insider. “I personally consume daily. I prefer CBD products during the day, and then when I’m unwinding for more of a happy-hour-style relaxation I will definitely imbibe THC. I prefer joints myself, but I know everyone on our team has a different preference.”

Statistics surrounding workplace cannabis use are surprisingly high. A recent survey conducted by found that one in five employees have used marijuana recreationally during work hours. A recent report published by Quest Diagnostics, a clinical laboratory, found that the number of American workers and job candidates testing positive for drugs is at a 14-year high, with marijuana being the most prevalent.

“Some people desperately need coffee to start their day,” said David Eichler, president of Denver-based PR firm Decibel Blue. “Others drink wine to relax. And some get high. To us, these are all the same. To each his own, as long as it does not impact your work or anyone else.”

While Decibel Blue does not host in-office cannabis happy hours, they do keep a stash of marijuana on hand for employees to use as they please. It’s a practice that is slowly but surely becoming more acceptable in the workplace. Thus far, there are no studies to prove whether or not it aids in productivity.