If you think the circumstances surrounding the death of Kenneka Jenkins are suspicious, you’ve come to the right place.

Now before I delve into it, I want to make it clear that none of the following assertions are founded in fact. The Rosemont Police Department, which is heading the investigation, has not confirmed or denied these allegations. This is all theory at this point. We won’t know for sure what happened until the medical examiner’s report is released.


First things first: Irene Roberts, the woman in the Facebook live video with the rust-colored hair, was trying to show what was happening. No, she’s not a dumb criminal; she purposefully put those reflective shades on. She was too scared to speak out, as evidenced by her trembling lip throughout the video. And while it may look like she’s heinously laughing while her friend is being raped, keep in mind that Irene is merely trying to “play it cool” to protect herself.

So why didn’t she tell the truth about the whole situation after she left the hotel? Two reasons: A) the men threatened her into silence and B) she didn’t want to be an accomplice to murder. However, rest assured once a plea bargain is offered that can absolve her of guilt or significantly reduce her sentence, she’ll spill the beans.

Now, let me address what I think truly happened to Kenneka. I believe she was raped and murdered. The first piece of evidence comes at the 0:24 mark of the Facebook live video, when an unknown male can be overheard saying, “We about to murder somebody.”

Around the 2:56 mark, you can hear an unknown male say, “Let me see that” (a reference to raping her). A second male responds with, “Man, you trippin’ homie. I don’t know.” Those words are said just before you can hear Kenneka cry out “help me” at the 3:09 mark. Immediately after crying out for help, she is drowned out with music. At the 3:14 mark, you can hear a male voice say, “What’s wrong with you?”

I theorize that it wasn’t just the women who were scared of speaking out. At least one other male appears to be disturbed by what’s happening, too. Still, like the others, he does nothing to help her. Because none of them did anything to help her, they collectively concoct a false narrative so that they can avoid doing time for being accomplices.


And that concludes my theory. With that being said, I’m curious to know what other pieces of evidence you’ve come across. Do you agree with my theory? What do you think happened?