Most recipes were written to serve four, six, or up to eight people or even more in some instances. This is great if you’re trying to feed a hungry family or preparing a dish for a potluck, but for most Millennials, a recipe that serves one to three people is often sufficient. For example, if you follow a typical cookie or lasagna recipe, it can take you a week to eat! However, there are some tools and tricks you can use to make a small batch of cooking much easier.

Half sheet pans are among the best and most versatile kitchen tools out there. You can use them for making granola, roasting vegetables, or even baking chicken breasts. They are handy for brownies too, as they keep them from overflowing. Definitely keep a couple of these on hand to prepare small batch snacks and meals for your week.

An 8”-10” cast iron skillet is just the right size for searing small portions of meats or even making a frittata for two. Chefs swear by cast iron skillets because they are inexpensive and can quite literally last a lifetime with the proper care.

Individual ramekins are small round ceramic baking dishes and have quite the variety of uses when preparing small batch recipes. They are great for holding ingredients during kitchen prep and they are designed to withstand high heat. These little ramekins are great for mini-portions of your favorite soufflés, chocolate cakes, cobblers and even individual baked eggs.

A small kitchen colander is great for rinsing that small batch of strawberries, a few tomatoes or some pasta for two. It’s easier to wash than its larger counterpart and saves some shelf space.

Follow Dessert for Two online or pick up a copy of Christina Lane’s book of the same name. Sometimes scaling down recipes for baked goods can get really confusing with all the numbers and measurements. Baking is a science as much as it is an art and little details can make the big difference. This cookbook will help you create delicious small batch dessert recipes.