pee standing up Stand Up

Ever wanted to pee standing up? Now’s your chance!

Have you ever been on a hike, or to an outdoor festival, or really anywhere where peeing outside was your only option? As a female-bodied person, I can personally attest that these instances are made slightly awkward by the fact that peeing while squatting or “hovering” above the seat of a porta-potty is neither comfortable, nor discreet.

Happily, one woman is trying to change this, and to empower women by giving them the option of standing up while they do their business. Sara Grossman, a Stanford University graduate and former staffer of First Lady Michelle Obama, recently introduced her new product called Stand Up. Essentially, Stand Up is a “biodegradable, disposable peeing accessory that helps women keep their distance from the mess and feel the freedom to go anytime, anywhere.” Shaped like a funnel, the aptly named Stand Up allows women to do just that: pee standing up.

pee standing up with Stand Up

Pretty soon, Stand Up might be a regular addition to any festival-goer’s list of must-haves.

According to the Stand Up website, “We’d overheard your voices countless times through the cracks in the stalls of public restrooms before we realized there was a solution. ‘This toilet is disgusting!’ ‘Never mind, I’ll hold it.’ ‘I wish I could just stand up!’ We knew our world needed an update, and we would start in the bathroom,” of the very real and relatable circumstances in which women are unable to feel as comfortable as male-bodied individuals in a very private space or situation.

“Take a stand. Own any space. Be confidently clean.” These are the three guiding ideas behind Stand Up, which Grossman hopes will become a mainstream product that women can keep on hand at all times. Although Stand Up is certainly not the first product of its kind, it is marketed in a bright, fun way and Grossman’s very genuine approach could really help to get more women on board with using it to help them pee standing up.

Ladies, what do you think? Could Stand Up and similar products be the answer to our powder room prayers?

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