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It’s time for big businesses to embrace LGBT diversity.
Image: Ernie McCellan via Flickr CC

Out Leadership, a powerful network of LGBT leaders in law, insurance, and business, was officially launched earlier this month as a means to broaden the scope of opportunity for LGBTs in these industries. Building off of Out on the Street – the first global LGBT leadership organization for the financial industry, by the financial industry – Out Leadership aims to unite senior leaders across major industries in order to champion LGBT diversity.

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 11.22.56 AMOut Leadership was founded by former investment banker and diversity leader Todd Sears. In a recent press release, he explains, “It has become clear that the paradigm of what once constituted an HR issue, including LGBT diversity, has transcended both internal policies as well as civil liberties, to truly become a driver or success for modern businesses,” of the ways in which initiatives like Out on the Street and Out Leadership have become critical factors in diversifying business. Out Leadership committee member Ken Mehlman mirrors Sears’ assertion, explaining, “Out Leadership will help members succeed while making a positive impact. It will help smart businesses share effective tools to recruit and retain the best talent and enhance true meritocracy throughout our firms and society,” of the impact of organizations like Out Leadership.

Out on the Street and its sub-companies that focus specifically on law and insurance make up an initiative that has attracted some of the biggest names in business. CEOs from a multitude of industries have partnered with Out on the Street to foster leadership and expand dialogue surrounding LGBTs in business. Says Out on the Street partner and CEO of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, “LGBT equality is not only a civil right issue it is also a business issue. To be successful, we must attract, retain and promote from the broadest pool of talent available. We are proud to partner with Out on the Street and its member companies to promote LGBT equality.”

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