Life happens and it’s sometimes easy to lose ourselves in it. We get caught in our routines and forget to take charge and make each day feel special. When you are in a long-term relationship, which may mean we forget to make our partners feel special. It’s nobody’s fault it’s just the product of time, predictability and patterns. You can get back to the romance though which is the good news. Here are small ways that you can add to the daily romance.

Send morning text messages. Remember back to how before you would spend every night together, you would swap texts in the morning? You would wake up to a little smiley-face with “Good Morning!” Just because you can roll over and ask the same thing now, don’t forget to send morning reminders that you are thinking about the other person. A sweet text can really kick-start your day and make you feel loved, carrying you through the afternoon.

Say thank you more often. In a long-term relationship we are often asking the other person to help with things around the house or running errands. But sometimes we forget to follow up those questions with a simple Thank You. When you first start out the relationship, anything your love does is exciting and amazing. But as you get more comfortable, those things can be expected but remember to say thank you.

Let the little things go. When you like someone new so much when first meeting them, you are willing to overlook the weird little quirks they have. But after being in a long-term relationship for awhile your partner’s imperfect moments can build up along with some resentment. While some issues are serious enough to merit heavy conversations but others are not worth getting upset over. Just let some things go.