how to keep migraines at bay

It’s not easy to look your best when you’re not feeling well. / Image: Mislav Marohnić via Flickr CC.

We are in the middle of flu season and germs are all over the place. We’ve all had those mornings when you wake up feeling awful and your head is congested and your eyes are puffy. Unfortunately, meetings with clients and professional engagements don’t go away when you’re not feeling well. Here are some tips to help make you look your best for work, even when you feel your worst.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated. It’s always important to drink plenty of water but especially when you are under the weather. It’s just as important to keep your skin hydrated as well. A rich moisturizer will help restore all the water to keep your skin from being itchy and red, and will help you to look your best, even when you’re feeling terrible.
  2. Don’t skimp on tissues. Getting sick is bad enough without having the hassle of a sore nose. Treat yourself to some good quality tissues because cheap ones can irritate your nose and surrounding skin and broken capillaries.
  3. Soothe those puffy eyes. There are a few tricks to sooth those under eye bags and the puffiness that often comes along with a cold. Try sleeping with your head elevated on a couple of pillows to drain the fluids. Apply cold wet tea bags to your eyes for 15 minutes to help de-puff them. Try storing your eye cream in the fridge. The coolness will help to further decrease the eye bags. Eye drops will help when you are feeling sick too.
  4. Bronzer is your best friend. It can be a lifesaver when you are sick and look paler than you think. Just applying a light sweep of bronzer on your cheekbones and forehead can bring life back to your skin and give you a healthy glow.

Do you have any other tips for looking healthy and ready for work, even when you’re sick?