Colorado is gearing up for Black Friday with discounted dope. With the recent legalization of recreational marijuana, cannabis sellers, such as Grass Station in Denver, are selling their pot at discounted prices.

“We have really high expectations,” said Ryan Fox, owner of Grass Station, with pun more than likely intended. “Now we’ve got the legal means for people to give marijuana as a gift, and that’s never really been something that was feasible in the past.”

On Black Friday, or Green Friday, if you were to ask Fox, their doors will open and the first sixteen customers get an ounce of marijuana for $50. A price that is usually five times that amount. Sixty joints will go for $1 each, and the price for a vape-pen cartridge will be cut in half to $30.

No doctor’s note required in Colorado, with almost 300 legal sellers of marijuana in the state. However compliance is tough, with outdoor advertising, billboards and mass marketing prohibited, owners and sellers have been hesitant to do a big push with any holiday marketing.

Said Fox, “We haven’t spent much time thinking about the holidays. We spend our time focusing on compliance.”

A University of Devner law professor, Sam Kamin, said he awaits the results of the Green Friday blitz. “Christmas sales, day-after-Thanksgiving sales, your-family-is-in-town-and-you-need-something-to-get-you-through-it sales?” He asked. “None of that would surprise me now that the industry has come out into the open. I would expect to see the industry behaving like any others to the extend that it can.”