Broadcast systems provider MELD Technology is partnering with communications solutions company West Pond Enterprises to change how fans view broadcasts of live events. Through the partnership, the two companies will allow on-site fans to view replays, multiple camera angles, and live statistics directly from their smartphones without ever having to connect to Wi-Fi.

MELD allows entertainment venues to use its MT300AVF white space transmitter alongside West Pond stream management technology to reach mobile users. The transmitter can supply multiple HD channels that fans can access throughout entire venues with a dongle that attaches directly to their Apple and Android devices.

cowboy-stadium-video-technologyTo receive the connections, MELD creates small dongles that venues can brand and that they hand out to prospective mobile users. The users, after connecting their smartphones to the receivers, can view venue-supplied content for several hours — at least the length of an entire sporting match.

The distribution of multiple viewing screens and technological breakthroughs at sports arenas, such as the technology used in the new Dallas Cowboys stadium, which opened in 2009 and is famous for the screens that stretch atop its playing field, seek to present a similar viewing experience to that which fans see at home. Fans have come to expect instant replays and continuously updated statistics on their televisions screens; some people even use their phones to increase their immersion with commercial network apps and popular team apps.

Team and stadium owners want fans to attend live events, so they are trying to keep pace with technology available in users homes. In places like the Cowboys’ stadium, fans receive a complete visual immersion on the big stadium screens while also enjoying the live action of the game in person. Steve Hastings, president of West Pond Enterprises, said he believes that the in-venue experience can overcome the draw of watching in front of a television.

“We believe that in-venue Pico-broadcasting offers fans an experience that is significantly better than what the fan can get on their couch at home,” Hastings said.

Image courtesy of bigcats lair via Wikimedia Commons